St Patrick's Catholic School

Classroom Information

Our goal this year

We have two classes at Saint Patrick's this year, a Prep-Two and a Three-Six.

Parents and teachers working together to set, maintain, and exceed student learning goals and expectations.

In our classrooms we strive for our best work, through persistence and practice. We establish set classroom rules, behaviours, consequences and rewards. Behaviour and academic management are consistently referred to and visible in all classrooms. Students learn a range of skills and knowledge within each year level. Core subjects consist of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences and Religion. Pupils of Saint Patrick’s also receive extra enrichment programmes, such as Health and Physical Education, Computers and Technology, Visual Arts, Media, Music and Speech and Drama.

Saint Patrick’s has established a three year cycle of units to cater to our multi-age classes.  This ensures that students are given the opportunity to participate, inquire and be creative as well as learning resilience through problem solving, communication and reflection.  Inquiry-based units are presented in a colourful and inviting way to encourage and enhance learning in the classroom.  

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece".
- John Ruskin                                            


Principal: Frances Graham

Oondooroo Street
Winton QLD 4735

P: (07) 4657 1652
F: (07) 4657 1758

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We are in week 7 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Tuesday 29 January 2019